An english acronym for a bike whose roots lie as much in the wild years of french
« Constructeurs » and « concours de machine » as in the Rough Stuff Cycling of Fred Wright. A modern randonneur bike, very capable, sporty and versatile. Fourth iteration of our prototypes development, our All-road bike kept this number in his model name. Build from high end heat treated stainless steel tubing, paired with a modern carbon fork, our MR4S is the perfect base for a light and performant build.

Stainless steel is used in many industries for its mechanical and corrosion resistance. For bike building, it offers timeless aesthetics and long durability.

Back in 2018, in parallel to the MR4 launch we had already built two MR4S for the #MR4Tour and these cycled more than 20 000 km on european paved and unpaved roads. Since them some of you have been asking us for a commercially available version of the MR4S.
Aside form the famous Columbus XCR or Reynolds 921/931/951 stainless steel alloys and after two years of research we finally confirmed our choice of using KVA stainless steel whose MS3 and MS1 alloys offers us the possibility to keep the dynamic behaviour our customer much love in the MR4.

We are now producing MR4S in small batches and limited quantities.


KVA is a leading manufacturer of stainless tell alloys. MS3 et MS1 tube series are heat treated.

  • Top Tube 28,6mm KVA MS3  0,7×0,4×0,7mm
  • Seat Tube 28,6mm KVA MS3  0,8×0,6mm
  • Down tube 38,1mm KVA MS3 s 0,7×0,5×0,7mm
  • Head Tube diamètre intérieur 44mm KVA MS1
  • Chain Stays KVA MS1
  • Dropouts Inox CNC.  flat mount. TA 142x12mm.
  • Seat Stays KVA MS1 10×0,8mm. Mudguards inserts
  • Weight, approx. 1780g size SM and 1880g size ML
  • Fourche Enve Serie G
  • Brushed finish + clear coat
  • External routing with Paragon machine Works parts
  • Comes with axles, Chris King Inset 7 and seat post collar.
  • 3 emplacements de porte bidon
  • Bottom bracket BSA 68
  • 27,2mm seatpost
  • Discs 160/160mm
  • Tire clerance 700cx45 / 650bx50
  • 1x/ 2x and di2 ready.


  • MR4S stainless steel frame + Fourche Enve G Series fork  +  Chris King Headset : 2743€.
  • Custom build from 4750€.

Frame, Enve fork and Chris King headset have the lifetime warranty (details in Terms and conditions)