What if you only had one bike?

The MR4 combines performance and comfort, roads and paths, lightness and durability. A unique bike to pedal where you want and how you want.

Behind the acronym MR4 lies a unique vision, that of offering you a unique bike capable of giving you pleasure with every pedal stroke, whatever the terrain and wherever you ride.

Our goal was simple, to rekindle in you those first emotions you felt when riding your childhood bike, the one that allowed you to explore your streets, your village, your city. The same bike that fuelled your dreams and took you on your adventures. The bike that you would get on without thinking, without a second thought to stones, mud, rain, pavements, even less so a mechanical!  A bike that is reliable, robust and always there for you.

In an era and an industry that segments and specialises, our belief that it is possible to experience cycling differently remains strong. We call it “All Road” because our MR4 is just as comfortable at a cyclo-sportive as it is on gravel. It’s the perfect companion for a long distance trip, with or without bike-packing bags. You decide where and how.

With no pretention or magic formula but with pragmatism and care, we have designed and fashioned a simple bike, without any unnecessary integration.  A timeless look, top technical specifications, attuned geometry, refined details and a lifetime warranty. A sum of small things to create a successful bike on which only the sensations, the discoveries, the adventures and the images engraved in your memory count. A bike dedicated to the pleasure of pedalling in complete freedom.

Yes, a bike brand with only one model can be a real bike brand. We say it loud and clear. However, you will sometimes see a few limited editions appear in our range. Like the MT4 or the 1465, these special bikes allow us to enrich our thinking and beliefs, validate trends and enhance the MR4.


We offer two versions of our bike.

• The MR4 uses a series of heat treated steel tubing.

• The MR4s uses a series of stainless steel tubing.

We market our bikes either as a frame kit or as a custom build.

We pride ourselves on our highly attentive customer service as well as a 1 – 2 week delivery time (5 – 6 weeks in the case of a custom paint job).

By Skype, on the phone or better still, face to face over a good coffee in our workshop, we’ll be delighted to get to know you, to find out how you ride or how you want to ride in order to tailor make your bike to make it a unique personalised tool. For this, we choose each component from a wide range of products duly tested and selected by our team. As always, we favour brands that share our human values ​​and offer performance, durability and aesthetics.


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We have only ever offered two frame sizes. They allow us to satisfy the majority of our customers, cyclists whose heights vary between 1m58 and 1m93 (we are talking about people who actually ride on their MR4 almost daily). Of course, we support each of you in a personalised way because beyond height, it is above all the legs / chest / arm proportions that will determine the bike and the appropriate peripherals. We will soon unveil a third size, XS, to better accommodate cyclists with heights between 1m50 and 1m65.


158cm > 175cm.


175cm > 193cm.